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How To Keep Your Motorcycle Accident Free In The Midwest

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “80% of motorcycle crashes result in serious injuries and death”. Motorcycle accidents possess a higher fatality rate in comparison to vehicle accidents which stand at 26%. Therefore, motorcyclists in the Midwest need to remain accident free at all costs.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned rider, you have a responsibility to maintain a high standard of safety for yourself alongside other road users. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to take the necessary safety measures to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

The following tips are vital in helping to keep your motorcycle accident free.

Never Drink And Ride Your Motorcycle

It is unfortunate that more than 40% of motorcyclists who die in crashes are usually under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, this reveals how dangerous it is to drink and then get on your bike.

This can cause a risk of injury to yourself and irreversible consequences such as death.

Riding under the influence of alcohol or any other drug makes it difficult for a rider to maintain the level of alertness one needs to have when on the road. These substances interfere with your ability to focus on the road and see clearly.

Therefore, the risk of causing motorcycle accidents increases greatly when you drink and subsequently operate your motorcycle. It’s impossible to keep your motorcycle accident free if you have a habit of consuming alcohol before operating it.

Consequently, you’re at a higher risk of running off the road when you ride under the influence of alcohol. In addition to this, there are many hazards to having your motorcycle go off-road.

For example, you risk running into trees or parked vehicles which can lead to serious injuries and in more severe cases, death. Thus, maintaining a state of sobriety while riding will ensure you ride safely and avoid any chances of having an accident.

Being Careful When Riding In Bad Weather Conditions

To keep your motorcycle accident free, adverse weather conditions are a huge and hazardous risk you should avoid. Seasons of bad weather are tough on motorcyclists because they make it difficult for them to operate their bikes safely.

A large number of motorcycle accidents are caused by adverse weather conditions, thus prompting riders to exercise extra caution when riding in such conditions. Therefore, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions when riding in bad weather conditions.

In the Midwest, some of the toughest conditions to be cautious of when riding are heavy rains and strong winds. In fact, you should be well versed in how to ride safely in these types of conditions.

For instance, you should be careful when riding during heavy rain due to the slipperiness of the road. Thus, when riding during bad weather conditions you should exercise extra vigilance to ensure you and your motorcycle remain accident-free.

Taking Safety Courses

Enrolling in motorcycle safety courses is vital if you want to reduce your likelihood of being involved in an accident. This will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to operate your bike safely.

Therefore, if you decide to take a motorcycle safety course you’ll learn about motorcycle traffic rules which you must adhere to. This will go a long way in helping you stay safe.

Additionally, enrolling in a safety training course will provide you with an opportunity to learn the laws of the state in regards to motorcycle riding. Thus, this will help you prevent an accident.

Therefore, consider joining an institution of your choice to increase your knowledge and skills on safe riding, You can locate a reputable motorcycle training institution within your local area.

Avoid Riding At High Speeds

One of the major causes of motorcycle accidents today is speeding. Keeping your motorcycle accident free will prove difficult if you form the habit of speeding on busy roads.

Although riding at high speed is an exciting experience for many riders, it’s extremely dangerous if you’re riding on a busy roadway. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to ride at a reasonable speed to avoid the likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Moreover, a crash or fall as a result of speeding can lead to serious or even fatal injuries, In this respect, you must always learn to control your speed when riding on busy roadways and on slippery road surfaces.

Effective Maintenance Of Your Motorcycle

The regular maintenance of your motorcycle plays a vital role in avoiding motorcycle accidents. An important safety tip you should always adhere to is ensuring you crosscheck all the parts of your bike thoroughly to make sure that they’re in good condition before setting off.

Like any other piece of machinery, your motorcycle is subject to wear and tear in particular areas. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to consistently check the major parts of your bike. These include lights, tires and the braking system. This will ensure they are in good working order.

Routine maintenance of your bike will ensure that you detect and correct any problems early. This will ensure that you avoid an accident wherever possible. If you’re successful in maintaining your bike well enough, you’ll be able to keep it accident-free.

Conclusion On Keeping Your Motorcycle Accident Free

Motorcycle accidents occur due to multiple and varied reasons. However, the good news is that you can keep your motorcycle accident free with the right precautions.

From the outset, you have the responsibility to ensure that you maintain high standards of safety when on the road.

Therefore, if you can adhere to the safety precautions expected of you, you’ll succeed in preventing a motorcycle accident. As a result, you’ll always enjoy your riding experiences whenever you ride in the Midwest.

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