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5 Ways New Technology In Motorcycles Is Improving Safety

Safety is and should always be a priority for motorcyclists. Despite the susceptibility that motorcyclists expose themselves to, they continue to enjoy their rides nonetheless. Only riders can understand the thrill that comes with riding their valued motorcycles. Consequently, more brands are seeing the need to incorporate new technology in motorcycles to improve safety.

Different brands acknowledge that the safety of modern-day motorcycles lies in the application of the right technology. Times are changing and this calls for using innovative ways to improve the safety of riders while on the road.

The unprecedented growth in technology in the motorcycle industry is a great stride that is crucial in maintaining higher standards of safety.

Here are 5 ways new technology in motorcycles is improving safety.

1. Anti-lock Braking Systems

The use of anti-lock braking systems is one of the innovative technologies in motorcycles that work towards improving the safety of riders on the road. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcycle manufacturers are fitting motorcycles with anti-lock brakes. And the benefits are enormous in regard to the maintenance of safety.

With this new technology in motorcycles, riders are able to stop more efficiently and safely in emergency situations, thus preventing crashes, injuries, and death. In fact, the IIHS reports that anti-lock braking systems help reduce the rate of motorcycle crashes and deaths by 31%.

When this technology is fitted in motorcycles, it ensures that wheels don’t lock in the event that one is involved in a hard-braking situation. The technology works by adjusting brake-fluid pressure to prevent a rider from crashing.

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a motorcycle, ensure that you buy one fitted with this technology to assure you of maximum safety when operating it.

2. Airbag Clothing

Technology in motorcycles is bringing in another dimension of safety standards that never existed before. Motorcyclists can now enjoy their rides more because of the protection they’re receiving.

While airbags have been associated with cars for a long time, companies have invented innovative airbag apparel specially designed to make sure that riders don’t incur severe injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident.

As a result of this technology, motorcyclists can now purchase riding jackets, bodysuits and vests fitted with smart airbags that respond within seconds when the system in the apparel senses that an accident is about to take place.

The electronic sensors fitted in the airbag clothing are able to detect when a ride has gone out of control. In that moment, the vulnerable parts of a rider like the chest, shoulders, kidney and back have the necessary protection.

3. Motorcycle Radar Systems

Motorcycle radar systems are one of the technologies that motorcycle manufacturers are fitting in motorcycles as a way of improving the safety of riders.

Safety is undoubtedly, exceedingly important for all road users. Especially for motorcyclists who have a higher prevalence of being fatally injured in the unfortunate event of an accident.

For this reason, motorcycle radar systems are a technology in motorcycles that helps a rider to minimize error as well as assisting with different riding maneuvers.

For example, if you’re riding a bike that has radar systems fitted, you’ll be in a position to know whether it’s safe to change lanes or not. Additionally, you’ll be able to know when you’re at the risk of a potential rear collision and thus, take the necessary steps to avoid it.

More importantly, motorcycle radar systems are important in assisting riders with braking and controlling distance when on the road. Therefore, this technology in motorcycles couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially now, when the rate of motorcycle crashes is incredibly alarming.

4. Motorbike Illumination Systems

Modern motorcycle illumination systems are a new technology in motorcycles that can promote safety for riders and other road users.

Visibility on the road is significant in preventing the occurrence of accidents. If your motorbike is less visible, chances are high that it can be involved in a crash with other vehicles.

Thankfully, motorcycle manufacturers are fitting bikes with hi-tech illumination systems that make it possible for a motorbike to be highly visible while on the road. The lights have an optimal beam that makes them more visible than ordinary illumination systems.

Additionally, the new technology in motorcycle illumination systems has paved the way for a range of LED strobe lights. These have the capacity to send signals to other road users concerning the presence of a motorcycle on the road.

With this technology, riders can be safer and consequently, the rate of motorcycle accidents will reduce. Therefore, as a rider, you should consider fitting your motorcycle with the advanced illumination systems to improve your safety when riding.

5. Hi-Tech Stability Control Systems

Stability control systems are of great importance in improving the safety of motorcyclists. Incorporating this new technology in motorcycles goes a long way in preventing crashes. Hence, this allows riders to enjoy their rides when on the road.

Modern stability control systems help riders to avoid riding error and maintain braking force within the required limits. With the stability control systems in place, a rider will know the amount of braking power that’s needed in any particular turning situation and whether the bike has the capacity to negotiate a particular turn.

Notably, these systems, irrespective of terrain, are highly dependable in helping motorcyclists avoid dangerous crashes.

Conclusion On New Technology In Motorcycles

Safety is without a doubt, paramount for all motorcyclists. Given the degree of vulnerability that riders are exposed to, it’s imperative for their safety to be a top priority.

Luckily, the emergence of new technology in motorcycles is taking care of that in a big way. Motorcycle manufacturing companies are realizing the importance of investing in the latest technologies aimed at improving the safety of riders.

Thus, there have been innovative technological developments that continue to help in making not only riders but also other road users safer. As a rider, ensure that your bike has these technologically-inspired safety features to give you the maximum protection possible.

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