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Shuman Legal™ Partners With ORR To Promote Awareness And Biker Safety

Open Road Radio is celebrating 22 years in radio, currently on 1590 AM cdt Saturday mornings from 11am-12pm and announces partnerships that span the show globally. The two-wheeled show is thrilled to announce our recent media partnerships with 95.9 FM WCGO and Zach Coffman of Choppertown @ bringing our total weekly listenership/viewership to 3.2 million Motorcyclists and Outdoor Adventurists weekly!

Open Road Radio (ORR) is moto-talk radio on everything motorcycle! Open Road Radio combines entertainment, education and information into weekly programming. ORR broadcasts up-to-the-minute Race Results, Tech Tips, Product Reviews, Road Trips, Rides N Rallies, and Motorcycle Lifestyle News from around the world. Gina Woods is host & co-creator “It’s a lifestyle not just a weekend thing,” she exclaims. Her zest for life and motorcycling has been captured in magazines and photos over the years. This lifestyle is her calling.

Gina Woods has been riding motorcycles a long time,thirty + years in fact. But riding a motorcycle (49 Panhead, 2003 Anniversary Glide, and 2016 Custom) isn’t all she does; Gina also created a team of women motorcycle mechanics who build bikes for charity: The XX Chromes-All Women Bike Builders. As an asst. instructor of Accident Scene Management she’s taught over 500 people the Bystanders Assistance Program and has also worked as an Event Promoter /Coordinator for the Industry organizing large-scale events in/at major motorcycle functions.

Gina has appeared on a WGN-TV segment on women and motorcycles, she also has been the subject of a Chicago Tribune front page (Riders’ section) article. Both of these news stories followed on the wheels of Gina as a featured biker in the published book, “Biker Chicz of North America,” with her own chapter on her journey in motorcycling. ORR has been awarded a trunk load of awards over the years like the AMA MVP (Most Valued Program) Award.

While Gina is extremely knowledgeable on many things motorcycle, she is a mastermind at bringing interviews – the motorcycle experts to the table that can have discussions that interest and educate the audiences!

While you tune up your machine, tune into 1590 AM WCGO, 95.9 FM WCGO, Facebook: Open Road Radio, Choppertown, Gina Woods and the hundreds of shared pages from our listeners. Riders all over the world can listen in & engage with the hosts weekly in “The Fastest Hour in Motorcycling”

Marc Shuman Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Marc Shuman at Open Road Radio in Chicago

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