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Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® is Pleased to Announce our Sponsorship of BikerDown!

As part of our continuing effort to be a full-service resource to the motorcycle community, Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® (MSL) has joined forces with Laurie Montoya and BikerDown.


When you are involved in an accident MSL is available and ready to help. We will guide you through the legal process and manage your case, so you can focus on your recovery. And now, we are pleased to be able to offer the resources of BikerDown to assist you and your family with the many non-legal challenges faced during recovery.

Our Interview with BikerDown’s Laurie Montoya

What is The BikerDown Foundation?

BikerDown is a 501(c)(3) charity that helps injured riders and their families with their recovery following a motorcycle accident.

How Did BikerDown Get Started?

Laurie Montoya founded BikerDown back in 2011 after being on a ride where several of her friends went down. They had no first aid kit, their cell phones didn’t work, and many of the riders had no insurance. The injured riders faced a host of issues that needed immediate attention and Laurie recognized the need to help the riders navigate these issues throughout their recovery.

How Do I Ask For Help?

Simply fill out the BikerDown Help Request Form to start the process. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours by a BikerDown representative who will schedule a consultation and guide you step by step.

What Services Do They Offer?

BikerDown helps riders and their families get through the challenging times following a motorcycle accident by providing a host of services including Emotional Support, Financial Strategies, Financial Assistance, Medical Equipment, and other services as needed.

  • Emotional Support: BikerDown is there when you need them. Support is only a phone call away at 720-328-9795.
  • Financial Strategies: BikerDown will look at all your financial obligations and work with you to provide strategies to handle your debt and keep you afloat during your recovery.
  • Financial Assistance: Based on your unique situation, BikerDown may offer financial assistance to pay your bills, or set up a fundraising campaign to help ease your financial burden.
  • Medical Equipment: BikerDown works with their local chapters to provide walkers, beds, crutches, and other medical equipment to assist with your recovery, at no cost to you.

Laurie Montoya and The BikerDown Foundation are excited to be working together with MSL covering Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana. Laurie states, “Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® is a real motorcycle law firm. What makes them different and defines them is their humanitarian efforts to look at what the biker community needs”. “In the event of an accident, you need a motorcycle injury lawyer that understands accident reconstruction, the types of injuries, the hidden trauma, and more”. Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® is “That” firm, concludes Laurie.

MSL welcomes the addition of The BikerDown Foundation and the services they provide in support of the motorcycle community.

Please reach out to MSL with any questions you may have about The BikerDown Foundation at 888-500-9000 or by calling BikerDown directly at 720-328-9795.