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Get The Gear – To be Rider Assist Ready

This Motorcycle Safety course will give you answers to the important questions and will also answer frequently heard questions about having the right gear on hand and on your bike.

Like these:

  • Is there a motorbike first aid kit? Specific to Bikers?
  • If there is then how do I determine what is the best motorcycle first aid kit or the best first aid kit for motorcycle riders?
  • What should be in my kit and what can I safely leave out given my limited space to carry things on my bike?

Get Trained – To Provide Aide Safely and Effectively

Are you looking for motorcycle classes that focus on how to help or what to do if you are in, witness, or come upon a motorcycle accident?

When I looked for motorcycle classes near me that offer these specialized pieces of training focused on Motorcyclists’ needs, it required travel.

Road Guardians has partnered with us to bring this training to you, here in Chicago.

Our ASM motorcycle safety course is as valuable as your license to ride! Be prepared – IF a rider goes down!

Learn How to Assess and Help at the Scene of Accidents:

Scene assessment first aid starts with assessing the environment – be calm, be careful and be conscious of your circumstances before you act. This applies to the injured rider or the rider arriving on the scene! Secure the scene then apply First Aid.

These ASM courses will give you all the training you need to be prepared to think and act should you come across a motorcycle accident.

ASM created the Road Guardians Program in 2010 to support motorcycle first aid education as a critical element to improve outcomes in the event of a crash.

AMC’s Road Guardians program is a nationally-branded program designed to reduce injuries and fatalities among motorcyclists. For those who have been properly trained, the program offers Resources, Rewards, and Recognition.

As part of our safety-oriented business partnerships, we provide resources and encourage motorcycle riders to be “lifelong learners.”.

We also provide members with opportunities for educational certification, encouraging them to become “certified”.

Road Guardians allows us to connect to our safety-conscious riders by providing them with safety information, as well as supporting an area of motorcycle safety that is often ignored.

Training in Bystander Assistance specific to motorcycle accidents is imperative for all motorcyclists and trained professional rescuers. It is crucial that we focus on preventing crashes in the first place and then prepare for a proper response in the event a crash does occur.

With Road Guardians, all motorcyclists can take personal responsibility and educate themselves on six areas of motorcycle safety.

These 6 areas include:

Want To Save Lives & Reduce Injuries To Motorcyclists?

Our Internationally Recognized Accident Scene Management Class Teaches You The Critical Skills You Need!

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to take a class that can save a life! An internationally recognized non-profit, Accident Scene Management (ASM), teaches motorcyclists what to do at the scene of an accident until Emergency Professionals arrive.

Our classes are taught by certified instructors and medical professionals who also ride.

Learn These Four Critical Steps To Save A Life – PACT

P – Prevent Further Injuries
A – Assess the Situation
C – Contact the EMS
T – Treat the Injured with Life Sustaining Care

Learn These Lifesaving Skills & Save Money On Our Invaluable Education!

The current fees for the Accident Scene Management (ASM) courses (Level 100 and Level 300 respectively) are $150.00 each.

The fee includes the course and class materials. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Upon successful completion of this motorcycle safety course, you will receive:

A Certificate of Training, an ASM Embroidered Patch, and Continuing Education Credits (if applicable).

Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® Is Sponsoring ASM Courses In Illinois, Giving You The Following Additional Benefits:

  • MSL Sponsored 100 Level Basic course costs $40 instead of $150.
  • MSL Sponsored 300 Level Advanced course costs $40 instead of $150.
  • Beverages Will Be Served All Day – Coffee / Water / Soda
  • Catered Lunch
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Fun Swag
  • Physical Jacket Patch
  • Free Motorcycle Insurance Policy Review
  • Email for more information