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David Shuman - Illinois Motorcycle

Passionate is how anyone who knows David Shuman would describe his commitment to the motorcycle community in general and to motorcycle safety specifically. 

If you want to connect with David Shuman, a motorcycle ride with him might be the shortest route to his heart!

An avid biker himself, he basically grew up riding. It was those times on his bike riding alongside buddies that made him smile the most. It’s also what ultimately decided how he would focus on motorcycle safety in the motorcycle accident industry in general.

David lost one of his closest friends since childhood to a horrific motorcycle accident when he was in his mid twenties. That traumatic loss has driven his passion to push Marc Shuman, David’s kid brother, Chicago personal injury lawyer and owner of a motorcycle accident law firm, Shuman Legal, toward educating bikers on safety, hosting Accident Scene Management courses – including motorcycle safety courses and helping bikers injured in accidents for 35+ years.

Family is a core part of knowing who David is and his motivations throughout his life and career. When he was just 5 years old he started working with his grandfather Nate at his Dad’s family business, A&A Discount where he worked until he went to college.

Although David’s grandfather had no formal training – he clearly impacted David with his quick mind for numbers that was likely the catalyst towards the eventual accounting career that David focused on. Combined with his years working also for the North Suburban Education District teaching swimming and counseling the deaf and impaired it doesn’t take much to see where his passion for helping others to “overcome” comes from.

David Shuman was born in Rogers Park, a northern part of the City of Chicago, then moved to Skokie, a northern suburb of Chicago at age 5 where he lived from kindergarten through High School.

After graduation, David attended Northern Illinois University where he earned a double major in Accountancy and Computer Science. Something he is quite proud of is passing the CPA exam on his first attempt! On average only 6% Nationwide pass that exam.

David’s Rules to live by:

  • First, if you do not ask, you do not get!
  • Lead by example. If you won’t do it, why would someone else do it for you?
  • Treat others like you want to be treated.
  • Do NOT say something that you can’t take back.

David is open to everything that relates to
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