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Using Motorcycle Events To Raise Money For A Good Cause

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the thrill that riding their bike gives them. Therefore, any event that brings riders together for a common cause goes a long way in showcasing their love for what they do. In this regard, it’s possible to organize motorcycle events to raise money for a good cause.

The popularity of motorcycle riding has the capacity to attract large audiences and participants who would gladly contribute money towards making a difference in society.

There are so many opportunities to give back to the community and one of the more creative and significant platforms to use is organizing motorcycle events. Maximizing on the enthusiasm of riders and the excitement that motorcycles exhibit is important when raising money for a good cause.

Here are some of the popular motorcycle events that have continually been used to bring people together for worthy causes.

Ride For Kids

Organizing a charity event for kids is such a noble idea. Children are the hope for tomorrow. Hence, using motorcycle events to raise money to support their cause is a great endeavor. Ride for Kids is an annual motorcycle event hosted by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

The foundation hosts 37 motorcycle events in different parts of the United States to raise funds to support the medical needs of children with brain tumors. Since 1984, the foundation has been hosting Ride for Kids and the impact has been significant.

The money collected goes into medical research as well as supporting families with sick children. Fighting brain cancer for young children is not an easy thing. So, when motorcyclists gather together to support such a good cause, it means a lot to the future of these children.

Rolling Thunder Ride For Freedom

Motorcycle events that seek to honor the selfless sacrifice by the nation’s veterans are certainly welcome with a big heart. The pride that the armed forces bring to the nation cannot be underestimated.

Rolling Thunder for Freedom acknowledges the input that the armed forces have to ensure the security of the nation’s borders and enhancing peace in other parts of the world.

This particular motorcycle event brings together thousands of riders in Washington DC to raise awareness of the welfare of the men and women of the armed forces who have either been captured or declared as missing in action.

The bikers meet at the nation’s capital, begin the rally at the Pentagon and finish at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The whole idea is to praise the gallant acts of US soldiers who give their all to ensure that the interests of the country come first.

Tour Of Honor

The Tour of Honor, just like the Rolling Thunder for Freedom, is a motorcycle event aimed at giving support to and honoring the soldiers who have done so much for the nation.

Unlike other motorcycle events, this is a self-guided experience that gives riders an opportunity to have a personal journey of reflection and to honor the fallen soldiers who gave their best to protect the honor of the country and to promote peace.

Different states have different memorial sites and each rider strives to be the first one to arrive at these sites. Once a rider arrives at one of these sites, he or she takes a photo to compete with other riders participating in the event.

The one who photographs the first is the winner. The winners receive trophies after completing the long journey. A percentage of the registration fee and the profits gained are given to the Wounded Warrior Project.

3J’s Motorcycle Days

The 3J’s Motorcycle Days motorcycle riding event has continually played a dominant role in helping put a smile on the faces of less fortunate children. The event involves a full day of riding.

Also, riders receive lunch, t-shirts and a reception in the evening after the full day of riding. Riders pay a participation fee which ultimately, goes on to support needy children and youths.

As riders come together to enjoy what they love doing, they participate in a noble cause aimed at supporting the Speedway Children’s Charities. The youth groups in Sonoma County benefit greatly from the proceeds generated from this motorcycle event.

This idea is an indication that indeed, it’s possible for riders to participate in motorcycle events that can raise money for a good cause.


Sturgis, a well-known motorcycle rally event, brings together motorcycle enthusiasts to raise money for a worthy cause. This is an annual motorcycle event in North Dakota. It acknowledges the good work that the police and the fire departments do for the community.

The event is normally characterized by much excitement. However, the most valuable thing that the participants do is to find time to do charity work. This raises funds for the Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department and the Sturgis Police Reserve.

The participants ride together with the Mayor of Sturgis during the event. The riders pay a registration fee of $150 to participate in the event. The proceeds from the event support the improvement of the Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department and the Sturgis Police Reserve.

Conclusion On Charitable Motorcycle Events

As you can see, owning a motorcycle gives you the opportunity to join other riders who love the adventure. Apart from riding your bike for fun or as a means of transport, you can participate in motorcycle events. These all raise money for a good cause.

Therefore, take advantage of such motorcycle events and become part of those making a difference in society by remembering the needy as well as honoring those who have played a major role in making the nation great.

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