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Motorcycle accident statistics show accidents on the rise. Let’s get out ahead of this where we can and do our part to reduce these tragedies!

We at Shuman Legal got together and as a team of motorcycle accident lawyers and decided to get fully engaged in the efforts at both local and state levels to support the rider community through education, prevention strategies, and deeper engagement.

Sadly it’s a fact that there was a fatal motorcycle accident yesterday near me – and there will be a motorcycle accident today – we can make a difference. If you have information, an event, or safety training that you can share let us know so we can post it and help you spread the word about being safe out there!

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Motorcycle riders need very specific coverage and it’s a tragic fact that motorcycle polices are NOT required by law to cover what most people think is pretty basic stuff. BE sure you have the coverage you need to protect you, your motorcycle and your family from financial loss.

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