The Motorcycle Accident That Shaped Owen Wilson’s Nose

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

The Motorcycle Accident That Shaped Owen Wilson’s Nose

This beloved actor sports one of Hollywood’s most distinct noses. You can tell Owen Wilson’s nose has seen its share of hard knocks. It’s precisely one of these run-ins that’s rumored to have completed his series of unintended tweaks. Was stardom right under his crooked nose all along?

While the man himself doesn’t enjoy speaking on this topic, tales from Tinseltown are aplenty. Why does Wilson’s nose look the way it does? Was he born with that beak? If his nose looks like that, what does the other guy look like? Fans want answers!

Not many facial features (even famous ones) have such a cult fan base. Interested devotees can check out the Twitter account, @ItsOwensNose. Anyone with a closet nose crush can become a follower.

Who ‘nose’… maybe one day this honker will get its very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Stay tuned…

What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Considering his history, it might be easier to go into what didn’t happen to Wilson’s nose. This Texas native has a past perhaps as entertaining as his films. Even Luke Wilson notes that growing up, his brother got into his fair share of scuffles. All these harsh encounters surely didn’t help. But those rough and tumble days are worn on his face as a badge of honor.

Evidence points to his youth when things first went south for his nose. Located in Dallas, St. Mark’s School of Texas is the site of the first incident. There was apparently a fight that broke out. Someone’s fist had a few words to say to the middle of Wilson’s face.

Another bad day for Wilson’s schnozzle came a bit later. Records imply he was playing a friendly game of football that resulted in a direct hit. Ouch! The combination of these two events laid the groundwork for his nose of today which many have come to know and love.

This nose is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. Wilson was riding a motorcycle on Thanksgiving in 2000. An accident sent him flying. His face intervened to break his fall. Thankfully, most of his body escaped major harm. Having a nose that takes one for the team comes in handy.

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What is Wrong with Owen Wilson’s Nose?

This answer differs depending on who you ask. If you ask Wilson, he’s likely to argue that there’s nothing wrong. Ask one of his super-fans to get a similar response. But ask a medical professional, particularly a plastic surgeon, and get another answer altogether.

Wilson has a nose with a defined bend. One nostril seems to be oversized. At first glance, you’ll notice that something seems a bit off at the bridge. The cartilage appears as if it’s seen at least one fight club too many. And these are just the physical issues.

Why Won’t Owen Wilson Fix His Nose?

He’s actually gone under the knife in an attempt to get his nose back up to snuff. The actor has had two rhinoplasties, reports an article from The goal of these surgeries wasn’t reshaping but rather improving functionality.

It’s obvious the surgeries didn’t straighten his nose. Thank goodness! Who would try to fix this living piece of art? Such a procedure would be like fixing Natalie Portman’s mole, Forest Whitaker’s left eyelid, Adele’s chin dimple, or Adam Driver’s- well… anything. If Jennifer Grey’s old nose could weigh in, it would certainly agree.

The gifted Wilson is a man of many talents. He evidently likes to rely on his skills rather than his good looks. He hasn’t revealed any desire to cut his nose off to spite his face. He has enough confidence to proudly wear this creation.

How Many Times Has Owen Wilson Broken His Nose?

The truth is between Wilson and his nostrils for now. Speculations indicate Wilson’s nose was broken twice. The first happened during that high school fight. The later break likely occurred during the football incident. Luckily his nose didn’t sustain another break from the motorcycle accident, according to

Not to rub your nose in it, but Wilson has cemented his authenticity by holding tight to his ideals. Body part shamers of the world, you’ve been put on notice! If someone as successful as this can make peace with imperfection, can’t we try to do the same?

Thanks for showing us it’s not how many times you fall on your face that matters, it’s how many tabloids keep flaunting it. Bravo, Owen!