Motorcycle accident statistics – Interesting facts and a little fiction too!

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Motorcycle accident statistics – Interesting facts and a little fiction too!

Motorcycle accident statistics | Despite being less common than other motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are usually more shocking and devastating. Some unique circumstances may also be responsible for these types of situations. Various surveys and studies have been conducted on motorcycle accidents.

Below are some interesting motorcycle accident statistics:

  1. Motorcycle accidents are generally caused by collisions with passenger cars, with 75% of crashes involving another vehicle.
  2. Approximately 3% of motorcycle accidents are caused by vehicle failure, and the majority of those are single-vehicle accidents involving a punctured tire.
  3. Nearly two-thirds of accidents involving one vehicle result from rider errors: slide-outs and falls caused by over braking, or running wide on curves because of excess speed or under-cornering.
  4. 2% of all motorcycle accidents occur because of road defects (potholes, ridges in the pavement, etc.), and 1% because of animals.
  5. Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving motorcycles are caused by vehicles violating the motorcycles’ right-of-way.
  6. Motorcycle accidents are most frequently caused by motorists not recognizing motorcycles in traffic. There was no visible motorcycle on the road before the motorcycle collided with the other vehicle, or the driver did not see it until too late to avoid the collision.
  7. Motorcycle riders are rarely injured by motorists deliberately attacking them. The most common accident scenario is for a motorcycle to proceed straight then a car to make a left turn in front of it.
  8. Typically, motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, when another vehicle violates the motorcycle’s right-of-way as well as other traffic rules (such as changing lanes, running a red light, or stop sign).
  9. The weather does not cause motorcycle accidents in 98 percent of the cases.
  10. A motorcycle accident usually occurs during a short trip to shop, go to errands, have fun, or otherwise entertain oneself, and usually happens very shortly after the trip starts.
  11. In almost one in two multi-vehicle accidents, the motorcycle or other vehicle involved cannot see anything because of glare or obstructions.
  12. Using motorcycle headlamps (on in daylight) and wearing high visibility orange, yellow or bright red jackets can significantly reduce the involvement of motorcycles in multiple vehicle accidents.
  13. During the post-crash phase of motorcycle accidents, leaks and spills from the fuel system were found in 62% of cases, presenting an unusually high fire risk not seen in other types of motor vehicle accidents.
  14. Typically, a motorcycle is traveling 29.8 mph prior to an accident, 21.5 mph at impact, and in less than one in 1000 cases has it reached 86 mph when it hits the ground.
  15. The lines of sight taken by typical motorcycles before crashes to the traffic hazard do not include the scope of peripheral vision; over 34% of all accident hazards are within 45 degrees of either side or straight ahead.
  16.  It is crucial for the motorcycle and rider to be obvious from the front.
  17.  Accident-related defects related to vehicle maintenance are uncommon and typically the result of inadequate or improper repair.
  18. Most motorcycle accident victims are workers, students, and craftsmen. Among the underrepresented groups are salespeople, professionals, and craftsmen.
  19. Data from accidents shows an overrepresentation of motorcycle riders with past citations and accidents.
  20. Ninety-two percent of the motorcycle riders involved in accidents have no formal training; they were self-taught or learned from family and friends. The experience of riding a motorcycle reduces accident involvement and is associated with fewer injuries following accidents.

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