How Motorcycle Technology Can Provide Safety for Riders

Last updated Monday, March 27th, 2023

How Motorcycle Technology Can Provide Safety for Riders

Improvements in motorcycle technology and personal protective equipment are making the roads safer than ever before for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable on the road than other types of vehicles, so anything that can be done to make them safer is definitely a good thing.

In terms of improving motorcycle safety, priority number one is accident avoidance. No matter how much motorcycles are improved in terms of helping riders to survive accidents, there’s only so much that can be done.

Motorcycle riders have higher exposure on the road and motorcycles weigh far less than other vehicles. While there are limits to protecting riders during an accident, there have been improvements that are beneficial.

Motorcycle Technology That Helps To Prevent Accidents

Anti-lock Brakes

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A motorcyclist may slam on the brakes to avoid skidding on a slick surface or hitting the car in front. This can cause the wheels of the motorcycle to lock up which could mean a serious fall.

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) help prevent the locking up of the wheels. When a lockup is just about to occur, the system kicks in to reduce brake pressure. After the bike’s wheel regains traction, ABS quickly increases pressure. This kind of braking system has helped reduce fatal motorcycle crashes.

Electronic Tire Pressure Monitors

Motorcycle riders must regularly check their tire’s air pressure. Sadly, many riders only eyeball the tires before taking a ride. Too low tire pressure can affect the ability of the rider to handle the motorcycle.

Besides, low tire pressure can cause damage to the bike. It can reduce fuel efficiency and cause the bike to feel sluggish. However, electronic tire pressure monitors help alert riders when the tire pressure falls too low.

Automatic Clutch and Shift

In the past, if a rider wanted to ride a motorcycle, they had to learn how to use the clutch and how to shift the gears and it was a challenge for some. However, motorcycle manufacturers like Honda have come up with various bike models that feature dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

With this kind of clutch transmission, the inbuilt computer of the bike does the shifting for the rider. This makes it easier for novice motorcyclists to ride their bikes. It also allows a smoother shifting of gears, better stability of the bike, and an increased fuel economy meaning more miles per gallon.

Motorcycle Radar Systems

Motorcycle radar systems are one of the technologies that motorcycle manufacturers are fitting in motorcycles as a way of improving the safety of riders.

Safety is undoubtedly, exceedingly important for all road users. Especially for motorcyclists who have a higher prevalence of being fatally injured in the unfortunate event of an accident.

For this reason, motorcycle radar systems are a technology in motorcycles that helps a rider to minimize error as well as assist with different riding maneuvers.

For example, if you’re riding a bike that has radar systems fitted, you’ll be in a position to know whether it’s safe to change lanes or not. Additionally, you’ll be able to know when you’re at the risk of a potential rear collision and thus, take the necessary steps to avoid it.

More importantly, motorcycle radar systems are important in assisting riders with braking and controlling distance when on the road. Therefore, this technology in motorcycles couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially now, when the rate of motorcycle crashes is incredibly alarming.

Motorbike Illumination Systems

Modern motorcycle illumination systems are a new technology in motorcycles that can promote safety for riders and other road users.

Visibility on the road is significant in preventing the occurrence of accidents. If your motorbike is less visible, chances are high that it can be involved in a crash with other vehicles.

Thankfully, motorcycle manufacturers are fitting bikes with hi-tech illumination systems that make it possible for a motorbike to be highly visible while on the road. The lights have an optimal beam that makes them more visible than ordinary illumination systems.

Additionally, the new technology in motorcycle illumination systems has paved the way for a range of LED strobe lights. These have the capacity to send signals to other road users concerning the presence of a motorcycle on the road.

With this technology, riders can be safer, and consequently, the rate of motorcycle accidents will reduce. Therefore, as a rider, you should consider fitting your motorcycle with advanced illumination systems to improve your safety when riding.

Hi-Tech Stability Control Systems

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Stability control systems are of great importance in improving the safety of motorcyclists. Incorporating this new technology in motorcycles goes a long way in preventing crashes. Hence, this allows riders to enjoy their rides when on the road.

Modern stability control systems help riders to avoid riding errors and maintain braking force within the required limits. With the stability control systems in place, a rider will know the amount of braking power that’s needed in any particular turning situation and whether the bike has the capacity to negotiate a particular turn.

Notably, these systems, irrespective of terrain, are highly dependable in helping motorcyclists avoid dangerous crashes.

Three-Wheeled Bikes

One of the main issues with motorcycles is their two-wheel design. Motorcycle riders have to actively work to balance their bike and keep it from falling when they’re riding. Three-wheeled bikes have three points of contact on the ground so there’s less instability.

Motorcycle Improvements That Protect Riders When There Is An Accident

Improved helmets

A helmet is the first line of defense for motorcycle riders in the event of an accident. A rider’s head is very vulnerable and without a helmet, the asphalt or another vehicle is very unforgiving. Modern helmets use lighter materials that are more comfortable as well as more durable. Modern helmets made of composite materials also help to absorb impact, which further protects a rider’s head.

Airbag Clothing

Today’s cars and trucks come with airbags as a standard feature. These activate at impact, helping prevent drivers or passengers from banging into the dashboard or steering wheel. Airbags also offer cushioning from the car’s sides. Now, that’s for vehicles – what about motorbikes?

Motorcyclists also need this kind of protection and the manufacturers are making strides in developing advanced motorcycle safety features. Nowadays, companies are making motorcycle jackets, vests, and bodysuits that feature similar airbag technology. Similar to airbags in vehicles, a sensor helps detect a crash immediately triggering the airbag to inflate.

Conclusion On New Technology In Motorcycles

Safety is without a doubt, paramount for all motorcyclists. Given the degree of vulnerability that riders are exposed to, it’s imperative for their safety to be a top priority.

Luckily, the emergence of new technology in motorcycles is taking care of that in a big way. Motorcycle manufacturing companies are realizing the importance of investing in the latest technologies aimed at improving the safety of riders.

Thus, there have been innovative technological developments that continue to help in making not only riders but also other road users safer. As a rider, ensure that your bike has these technologically-inspired safety features to give you the maximum protection possible.