The Most Common Motorcycle Hazards You Should Avoid

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

The Most Common Motorcycle Hazards You Should Avoid

Motorcycle enthusiasts will tell you that it’s fun to ride their bikes. They’ll also tell you that riding a bike can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious injuries or even death if riders fail to follow the safety measures expected of them. Compared to car accidents, motorcycle hazards are greater because riders are more exposed while on the road.

Anything that might have a minimal effect on car drivers can have a huge impact on motorcyclists. Thus, riders need to be extra careful to avoid the motorcycle hazards that they are constantly exposed to.

Once you’re aware of these hazards, you can ensure your safety while on the road. Here are the most common motorcycle hazards that you should avoid to maintain high standards of safety.

Rough Roads

Rough Roads

Rough roads can be extremely hazardous for motorcyclists. This is one of the most common hazards that you should avoid when you’re riding your bike. Poor road maintenance can make a road rough. Hence, this limits a safe ride for you and your motorcycle.

Construction projects can also make it impossible to ride well because of the roadwork in a particular area. These factors can make roads bumpy and rough such that they limit the ability of motorcyclists to ride safely.

Such road hazards increase the risk of riders being involved in accidents because of the dangers involved. What you need to do in such cases is to be extra careful to prevent the likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle crash.



Speeding is a common hazard that many riders don’t pay enough attention to. If you’ve been in a motorcycle training course, especially a safety-related program, you must be aware that speeding is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents.

When you’re riding your motorcycle at high speed, chances are high that you can be involved in a motorcycle crash. This is because it can be difficult for you to maintain stability and awareness of what is happening on the road when you’re speeding.

This is particularly hazardous when you’re riding on a busy road. Thus, it’s advisable to ensure that you maintain the normal speed to avoid being a victim of a motorcycle accident.

Road Debris

Road Debris

Debris refers to any unwanted materials that can be lying on the road. This includes tree branches, tools, rocks, logs, and boxes that should not be on the road. When riders don’t see these hazards while in transit, they can cause devastating accidents.

Also, you could be riding at high speed, making it hard for you to take note of any debris on the road. Consequently, this can cause a motorcycle crash that may lead to a serious fatality.

Therefore, it’s important for riders to always be extra careful to notice any materials on the road that might make it difficult to ride safely. Also, if you happen to be involved in an activity that can potentially leave debris on the road, it’s prudent to take the initiative to remove it before it becomes a big problem.

Slippery Surfaces

Slippery Road

Riding on slippery surfaces is a hazard that motorcyclists should avoid at all costs. The degree of fatalities that can come as a result of riding on slippery surfaces is truly massive.

Examples of things that can cause slippery surfaces that you should watch out for include roadway paint, oil, and leaves. These can make roads slippery and makes it dangerous for riders who use them.

Particularly, when you’re riding at night on a road that does not have adequate lighting, you might come across slippery surfaces and as a result, be involved in a motorcycle accident.

Therefore, if you happen to ride on a road that has slippery material, make sure that you ride slowly and carefully to avoid an accident. Moreover, avoid dropping any slippery material on a road that you often use. This will ensure that you’re safe and also prevents your bike from incurring damages.

Riding A Faulty Motorcycle

Faulty Motorcycle

Riding a faulty bike is a hazard that even the law does not condone. As a rider, you’re supposed to be mindful of not only your safety but also the safety of other road users.

You might even be carrying someone on your bike. Therefore, if you’re riding a motorcycle that has faults, you’re endangering the life of that person to a large degree also.

For instance, if your bike’s lights are not functioning properly or your brakes are faulty, it’s a huge risk. For this reason, you should avoid riding at night if the lights are not functioning properly. Otherwise, you’ll be inviting tragedy to come your way.

Similarly, it’s hazardous to ride your motorcycle when the brakes are faulty because you’ll not be able to control your ride well. Thus, before you go out on the road, always make sure that your motorcycle is in good riding condition to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Adverse Weather Conditions

Motorcycles are more exposed than cars and so are riders. While it’s easier for cars to overcome extreme weather conditions, it’s problematic for motorcycles to do the same.

For example, in the event of strong winds, riders can be thrown off balance and consequently, get severely injured. Also, riding when it’s raining heavily can cause your bike to slide and crash which is dangerous to you and other road users.

Thus, it’s advisable to avoid riding your bike when weather conditions are adverse because of the high risks that come with that. Remember, your safety and the safety of other road users lie in your hands, so be extra careful.

Conclusion On Motorcycle Hazards To Avoid

Safety is a top priority when you’re on the road. When riding your motorcycle, you should be mindful of safety more than any other thing. That being said, you should be aware of the motorcycle hazards that many riders fall victim to.

This should give you an idea of what you should avoid and how to avoid it to enjoy your ride while on the road. Keep in mind that you have a huge role to play in maintaining high standards of safety on the road.