Understanding The Different Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Understanding The Different Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding your motorcycle is indeed a great experience. However, it can be extremely dangerous if the required safety standards and precautions are not followed to the fullest. Different types of motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries and even death because riders are more exposed than motorists.

That’s why it’s important for motorcyclists to adhere to the safety rules, precautions, and best practices expected of them in order to stay safe. But the problem with road safety is that you’re often at the risk of mistakes from other drivers as well. However, taking some precautions yourself as a motorcyclist can massively decrease the likelihood of an accident.

Here are the different types of motorcycle accidents that you should be aware of.

High-Speed Related Motorcycle Accidents

One of the major reasons why most people own motorcycles is because of their capacity to go fast. Apart from being cost-effective, they’re faster than many cars and that’s why many motorcycle owners prefer them.

The most unfortunate thing with this fact is that a substantial percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by riding at high speeds. High-performance bikes, for example, contribute greatly to causing motorcycle accidents because they’re faster than other bikes. They can go to speeds of up to 160 mph.

Riding too fast is highly discouraged because it’s a leading cause of motorcycle accidents that riders should avoid at all times. Therefore, it’s advisable that motorcyclists operate their bikes at a safe speed to avoid a fatal accident.


Drug or alcohol abuse significantly increases the likelihood of an accident. You should never go on the road after heavy drinking or substance abuse.

Cornering Motorcycle Accidents

Sharp corners can be extremely dangerous for riders, especially if they don’t have the skill of situational awareness. In spite of motorcycles being designed to have a considerable amount of control, it can prove to be enormously difficult to correct a wrongly taken corner.

For instance, if you take a corner and come across a patch of debris on the road, it’s difficult to control your bike. When the front tire hits the debris, it’s highly likely that you may lose control and even come off your bike.

Additionally, you can misjudge a turn and take it too fast not knowing that it’s a tight one. This is common, especially on winding roads. In such situations, you might not be able to see what’s ahead of you.

Certainly, this is very dangerous to any motorcyclist, whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned one. When a rider turns a corner in the wrong way and crashes, they risk further injury because of other vehicles that might be passing on that particular road at that time.

most common motorcycle accidents

Lane Switching

Sometimes, the accident won’t be the motorcyclist’s fault at all. This is common in four-lane roads where vehicles usually switch lanes. And an accident can quickly happen when the driver switching lanes doesn’t notice the motorcycle. And before they realize it, it’s often too late.

Lane Splitting Motorcycle Accidents

Lane splitting accidents are common on roads today. This takes place when a motorcyclist rides between two lanes of slowly moving or stopped vehicles. In most cases, this happens in a traffic jam or at a traffic light.

Motorcycle accidents happen in lane-splitting situations as a result of several factors. One of the factors is the closeness between the car and the motorcycle. If they’re too close to each other, it’s highly likely that there will be an accident when the cars start moving.

Another reason why lane splitting causes accidents is the small space that a rider has to maneuver. The small space can result in a serious motorcycle accident when the car starts to move.

Also, the fact that motorists might not be expecting a rider to bypass them in such a situation can result in a serious accident involving a vehicle and a motorcycle.

Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Accidents

This is a common type of motorcycle accident and particularly dangerous. Left-hand turn accidents account for about 40% of all motorcycle accidents, making it one of the most common motorcycle accidents. Most commonly, this becomes an issue where a motorcyclist tries to go straight ahead in an intersection and the vehicle in front of them makes a rapid left-hand turn.

Riders are more exposed, especially if they’re not wearing protective safety gear. In most cases, a left-hand-turning car hits the motorcycle when the motorbike is (1) going through an intersection, (2) passing the car, and (3) trying to overtake the car.

Since a motorcycle is smaller in size than a car, drivers might not see it when left-hand turning and as a result, they can easily cause an accident.

Generally, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to this type of accident. Hence, it’s good for riders and drivers to be extra careful when using the road.

Head-On Collision Motorcycle Accidents

In more than 70% of all accidents, the collision happens head-on. In fact, head-on collision accidents account for 56% of the deaths resulting from all motorcycle accidents. Mostly, such an accident happens when a vehicle hits a motorcycle head-on.

It’s not a surprise that head-on collisions involving a car and a motorcycle are mostly fatal for the rider. Depending on the speed of the motorbike, a rider can either be crushed by the vehicle or be thrown into the air and land on a hard surface.

Either way, it’s very dangerous for the rider in such an accident. This type of motorcycle accident is arguably the most fatal that riders face. The higher the speed when the collision takes place, the higher the chances of serious injuries or unfortunately, death.

Therefore, motorcyclists should always be careful on the road and make sure that they’re wearing the right protective safety gear at all times.

Tips for Avoiding Accidents

Here’s how to decrease your chances of being involved in an accident.

  • NEVER drink and drive. The same goes for any other substance that impairs your movement and thinking.
  • Be wary of overtaking, especially at intersections.
  • Don’t split lanes. It’s better to arrive at your goal destination a few minutes later than not arrive at all.
  • Follow traffic laws.
  • Avoid speeding, especially where the vehicle density is high.
  • Always wear protective gear.
  • Take precautions in corners and sharp turns.

Seeking Legal Action

Now that you know the most common motorcycle accidents, you might want to know when and how to take legal action if you’re in an accident. Contacting a lawyer makes sense as they can help you get through the process. This will increase your chances of winning the case.

Conclusion On The Different Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

Understanding the different types of motorcycle accidents is essential for every motorcyclist. Through this comprehension, you’ll know how to avoid different types of accidents.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Hence, with this knowledge, you’ll know what is expected of you as a road user in maintaining not only your safety but the safety of other road users as well. Motorcycle accidents can be fatal and for that reason, you need to be extra careful at all times as you operate your bike.