Reasons Why Visibility Is Important To Avoid Motorcycles Accidents

For a motorcyclist, visibility is their first and best line of defense in preventing accidents. Motorcyclists are far more exposed and vulnerable when riding than other motorists are, which is why avoiding accidents is so important for them.

While protective gear should always be worn and can help to reduce the severity of some injuries in the event of an accident, avoiding the accident altogether should still be the goal of every motorcycle rider.

Defensive riding and situational awareness can help motorcyclists to avoid many accidents but these skills will only go so far. If another driver fails to see a motorcycle on the road, then all of the situational awareness and defensive riding in the world may not be enough to avoid an accident.

When Other Drivers Can’t See You The Odds Of An Accident Increase Dramatically

For a driver, do you know what kind of motorcycle they’re most likely to hit? The one that they don’t see. Most drivers aren’t reckless on purpose. They try to avoid accidents but when they don’t see a motorcyclist, then there’s not much they can do to avoid hitting them.

Why are motorcycles so much harder to see on the road? The main reason is their smaller profile. They are only a fraction of the size of a regular car and as a result, they’re often not seen until it’s too late. If you asked a driver who hit a motorcyclist, chances are pretty good that they’ll tell you they never even saw them.

Distracted Drivers Are The Norm

When people are driving, they are often distracted. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also the truth. Maybe they have children in the backseat who are fighting. Or, they’re looking down for a moment to change the radio. Maybe they’re even making the huge mistake of trying to use their phone while they’re driving.

No matter what the reasons might be, if a driver is distracted on the road they’re much more likely to be in an accident. It’s scary to think about, but the fact is that every day that you get on your bike, there are distracted drivers all around you.

How does being more visible by wearing bright colors when you’re riding help here? It helps because bright colors are more likely to be caught by the peripheral vision of other drivers. They’re more likely to catch a glimpse of something bright orange than they are to catch a glimpse of something darker.

This is especially true at night. The point here is that wearing bright colors can help you to help other drivers notice you when they might otherwise be too distracted to do so.

You Should Always Ride With Your Lights On At Night Or During Storms

When thinking about ways to increase your visibility on the road, one way that you should already be employing is turning on your lights in any conditions where there is insufficient light to see things clearly at a distance.

Early mornings, during sunsets, at night and during storms, all qualify as these types of situations. The lights on your motorcycle are there to help you see the road and other drivers, but they’re also there to help you to be seen by other drivers.

Wearing Bright Clothing And Protective Equipment Will Greatly Increase Your Visibility On The Road

What else can you do to increase your visibility when you’re riding? The great news is that you can make yourself more visible to other drivers and it’s very simple to do. All you have to do is to wear bright clothing and protective gear when you’re on your bike. That’s it. You have to buy protective gear and clothing anyway, right? So, why shouldn’t you buy gear and equipment that is bright and noticeable?

Wearing Bright Clothing Is A Way To Be Proactive About Your Safety When Riding

Do you know what the difference is between being proactive and reactive? Proactive people take steps ahead of time to improve their situation or to prevent accidents. Part of being a safe motorcyclist is being proactive by wearing bright-colored clothing when riding.

Doing this increases your visibility and reduces the chances of you being in an accident. Being reactive involves wearing protective gear and taking evasive action when you face a dangerous situation.

Being reactive should be a secondary line of defense for you. It should be something you rely on only in an emergency. Being proactive by wearing bright clothing is a much better approach since it can help you to avoid being in an accident in the first place.

Increasing Your Visibility With Bright Clothing Doesn’t Mean That You Don’t Have To Wear Protective Equipment

Wearing bright clothing can help you to avoid many accidents, but unfortunately, it can’t prevent all accidents. Accidents happen. Even when we’re as prepared as possible and do everything that we can to avoid them. Wearing bright clothing when riding is a very good idea and it may end up helping you to avoid any accidents. But it doesn’t’ guarantee your safety on the road.

Because there’s always a chance of an accident every time you get on your bike, you must prepare as if you’re going to get into an accident. Wear bright clothing, but also wear protective equipment that can help to protect you in the event of an accident.

This combination of being proactive and reactive is the best way to ensure that you’re as safe as possible when riding.

Making Yourself As Visible As Possible When Riding Makes The Roads Safer For Everyone

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun and it’s also much more dangerous than driving a regular car. If you asked any motorcyclist about this though, they’d probably tell you that the exhilaration they feel when riding makes any risks worth it.

But, just because riding a motorcycle can be risky doesn’t justify being reckless. Doing simple things like keeping your lights on when necessary and wearing bright clothing that increases your visibility, can help you to prevent accidents.

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