Why You Must Prioritize Safety When Buying Motorcycle Safety Gear

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Why You Must Prioritize Safety When Buying Motorcycle Safety Gear

Aside from the joy of riding in the open air, having a motorcycle also offers tons of other benefits such as affordability, faster movement, and more fuel efficiency compared to four-wheeled vehicles. Riding motorcycles is usually deemed more dangerous than driving a car. However, with the benefits offered, it’s still no wonder that many choose to ride motorcycles despite the risks it poses. To prioritize safety, different motorcycle safety gear is available for you to use.

Below are the reasons why you should definitely invest in this type of safety gear.

Investing In Quality Safety Gear Is Important

Prioritize safety by buying effective gear over saving money by buying cheap but inadequate protection. Make sure that it will last by buying high-quality gear from trusted brands. Cheap protective gear will cost you more in the long run because you need to replace it more often.

Makes Your Insurance Claim Easier To File

Even if you’re vigilant on the road, you cannot assure that everyone else will be as careful as you. Having insurance is a great thing but obtaining it can sometimes be difficult. In case you are in an accident, your lawyer will be able to help you better with your claim if you’re proven to be following safety measures such as having the proper gear.

Reduces The Worry For Your Loved Ones

People worry when their loved ones are riding motorcycles daily. You can ease their minds by using safety gear. Studies show that by simply wearing boots, you reduce the risks of serious foot injury by 53%.

Additionally, having a helmet decreases the chance of head trauma that has dire consequences. By decreasing the risks of a severe injury with the proper gear, your loved ones do not need to worry as much about your safety.

To Prioritize Safety Is Trendy

You would be lying if you were to say that a motorcycle rider with complete protective gear doesn’t look cool. Putting on those aerodynamic helmets and stylish vests with reflectors makes you seem like someone out of a badass movie. You can even color-coordinate all your gear with your motorcycle to have an extra aesthetic impact.

Specific Protection

Each safety item is highly specialized to protect specific body parts. Having only a helmet will not ensure that you don’t suffer from other injuries such as broken bones or bruises to your body.

There’s a variety of protective gear you can buy. This includes helmets, knee and elbow guards, chest armor, jackets with reflectors, motorcycle boots, and gloves. Make sure that you prioritize safety by choosing the perfect set to protect you.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

Aside from ensuring that you can easily get approval for your claim from your insurance company, having no injury in the first place will save you money from hospital bills. Some people also don’t have insurance due to circumstances and they find themselves buried in debt when they get into accidents and suffer serious injuries.

But even with all the safety gear you have, it’s still highly advisable to make sure you have adequate insurance.

Riding a Motorcycle Without Proper Safety Gear

protective safety gear

Without the right gear, it’s difficult for riders to avoid injuries in the case of an accident occurring.

Consequently, as a motorcyclist, you have to protect your head, legs, and arms since they’re the most likely to get injured in an accident. Therefore, by taking the initiative to wear protective safety gear, you’re keeping injury risks at bay.

As a result, this gives you the opportunity to enjoy your riding experience with the knowledge that you’re completely protected. Here are significant reasons why protective safety gear is important for all motorcyclists.

Protects Your Head

Wearing a helmet should never be a debate for a rider. It’s a protective safety item that you should always put on whenever you’re riding your bike. Without a helmet, you increase your chances of suffering from severe injuries to your head.

It might be impossible to prevent an accident from occurring, but you have the responsibility of protecting yourself in case it does happen. Your head is very sensitive, bearing in mind that it is widely exposed when you’re riding.

Hence, you should always wear a helmet as a protective safety item at all times. That’s why in many jurisdictions, it’s a legal requirement for a rider to wear a helmet while riding.

Remember, safety starts with you and for that reason, you have to invest in a helmet to protect your head from severe injuries in the event of an accident.

Protects Your Feet

Motorcyclists need to protect their feet just like they need to protect their heads. Your feet happen to be another area of vulnerability in the event of an accident. One’s feet are fragile and in that regard, they need to be taken care of by wearing protective gear when riding a motorcycle.

The good news for all motorcyclists is that there are boots designed specifically to protect their feet in case they get involved in a motorcycle accident.

On the other hand, there are shoes that are not recommended for riders when they’re on the road. Some of these shoes include sandals and sneakers. This type of footwear cannot give you the protection you need when you’re riding.

That’s why, as a motorcyclist, you need to always wear boots to ensure that you don’t injure your feet when you fall or get into a collision with another rider or motorist.

Safeguards Against Fractured Bones, Lacerations, And Road Rash

The chances of a motorcyclist fracturing his bones, experiencing lacerations, or road rashes are high. That’s where wearing protective safety clothing comes in to offer much-needed protection.

Motorcycle jackets and pants are important protective gear to safeguard you from the severe effects of a motorcycle accident on your limbs and skin. Wearing the right protective clothing can offer your body the proper shielding you require in the event that you fall from a moving motorcycle.

The jacket and pants should be heavy enough to offer adequate protection from the conditions that riders are likely to face while riding. In order to offer adequate safeguarding, protective clothing should be made of leather or any other material that is both durable and resistant.

You cannot enjoy riding when you’re exposing yourself to injuries. Thus, invest in a quality riding jacket and pants to give you the protection you need.

Protects Your Eyes

Most motorcycles don’t have windshields like other vehicles do. That’s a big hazard that you cannot disregard. The area that is most vulnerable in this situation is your eyes.

Thus, you have to protect your eyes using the right protective safety gear. Otherwise, you’ll be exposing them to extreme danger. In the same vein, you’ll be exposing yourself to danger because if anything gets into your eyes, you’re likely to cause an accident.

By wearing the right protective gear, you’ll be safeguarding your eyes from insects, dirt, dust, and any other flying object. Therefore, you should invest in a good visor or eye goggles to make sure that your eyes are protected accordingly.

Protects Your Hands

You also need to protect your hands if you want to enjoy riding your bike. For this, you’ll need the right motorcycle gloves. Not all gloves are good when it comes to protecting your hands, considering that the amount of friction that ensues from riding your bike is high.

Also, in the event of an impact, you need a quality glove to protect your hands from abrasion. When a motorcyclist falls from his bike, the first instinct is to throw his hands downs and this could mean having a heavy landing that can potentially cause serious injuries.

Hands are very fragile. Hence, they need the safest protection possible. As a rider, you can’t afford to disregard the safety of your hands. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality pair of riding gloves.


Protective safety gear is important for every rider. As a motorcycle owner, your safety is paramount and it’s your responsibility. There are protective safety items that you cannot ride your bike without if you want to maintain high standards of safety while on the road.

Judging from the motorcycle accidents that happen on the roads and the vulnerability that riders are exposed to, it’s only wise to find the right safety gear for you. Remember, safety begins with you. Thus, invest your time and money in looking for the right gear that will keep you well protected as you ride your bike.

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